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First of all, this is not some kind of bad delayed April joke...
So, some people have heard it already: Just like the Discord server, there is a new board as well. There were a few changes to make the movement easier, including the trashing of some threads and the restriction from editing the wiki and object databases.
To cut things short, though, here is a quick summary of the key reasons for the change:
- Board name: Same reason as for the server: The name is misleading, because it's not about Neo Mario Galaxy... anymore. This is about SMG modding in general, not just a specific hacking project.
- The board software: Although I liked Blargboard at first, I have always had trouble configuring some things or maintaining the forums. Some things are also slightly buggy, like themes and post layouts. Plus, E-Mail verification when registering is a nice thing in my opinion. The new board utilizes MyBB, which is also very user friendly.
- Atmosphere: This is more of a personal reason, really. I still feel like the past conflicts that have occured here are still haunting over the boards. And in all honesty, I need a fresh restart from that...

Anyway, this place will stay for a while before being completely archived. However, posting and creation of new accounts have been deactivated. The new board can be found here:
Thank you for staying.
[22:47:32] Tahcryon: Sad to hear that you won’t be shitting out SMG levels, Aurum
[22:47:42] Aurum: shitting out smg levels
[22:47:47] Aurum: I really wish it would be like this
[22:47:57] Aurum: it would make things so much easier