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Hi everyone, today I'll explain how to edit text (or adding for new galaxies):
First you need three tools: msbconv (can be found on the download page), a text editor (notepad ++ or Atom
are recommended ) and RARC tools (can also be downloaded on the download page). We'll imagine that you already
have the arc of the zone from the LocalizeData folder for the 1st part of the tutorial. So let's start.

Editing from an existant file :

1. You must retrieve the msbt file from the arc. Copy the arc file into the RARC tools folder and then drag it
on rarcdump.exe, now if all were done properly, you must now have a folder and inside msbt files (and sometimes
msbf files but we won't talk about them now)

2. Now you have the msbt file, you must convert it as an XML to edit it, so, now open the folder where you saved msbconv
and drag the msbt file to msbconv.exe , you must have an XML file.

3. Now when you open the XML, you must see something like this:

Let me explain all this:
<message label="NPCmessageid"> like I wrote it, NPC means the name of the NPC like Kinopio for toads or Tico for a Luma
and messageid is ... message id of the NPC. There's also <trigger>, it defines how the object will speak, like triggers there are
"talk", you must go talk with the NPC by pressing the A button, "auto", the NPC will talk with you when you're near of him
and "shout" will do something like this:

unknown are (almost) always the same and <string> is the text wich will be tell
by the NPC (here's a list with some symbols that can be used inside your text:

4. Now you must repack all stuff, delete the existant msbt file and drag your to msbconv.exe, now take your msbt and create a new
folder with the zone name as name where there are RARC tools and put your msbt file inside

5. Drag the folder to rarcpack.exe and replace the arc inside LocalizeData

6. Go test everything.

Creating a new file for a new zone or galaxy:

Coming soon


Coming soon

(Sorry if there are grammar mistakes)
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Bear in mind that unknown0 is actually the sound that plays. I should really release a new version that supports this.