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Super Mario Bros ALLSTARS v1.1

This pack replaces the SMB theme with it's 16-bit version from Super Mario Allstars!
Play all your Super Mario Bros stages in SNES style and enjoy the new and updated graphics!


Also big thanks to ValtteriValtteri24 for his great Airship and Ghost House 16-bit soundtrack!

Example Stages:

Super Mario Flash - Level 1
79F6 0000 0389 1CBE

Super Mario Flash - Level 5
529A 0000 038A 0F67

(Super Mario Flash is a famous flashgame from 2007 in the style of SMB's Allstars theme. It also has an own Level Editor and may started the trend of creating and sharing custom Mario Stages! You can play it here!)


This mod uses additional files for backgrounds, that do not exist in the original game. That means, if you use a file replacement tool (Caffiine), it has to be able to add files.
This mod was tested with SDCaffiine v1.4, so it's recommended to use that version or higher to play this mod.

Old Screenshots: