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This is a tutorial on how to make a Launch Star appear when (a) certain enemy/enemies are killed.
I'll explain it in a few steps for 1 enemy and 2 or more enemies.

1 enemy:
1. Place the enemy you want to be killed.
2. Place the Launch Star you want to be appeared.
3. Make the enemy's SW_DEAD (Switches) and Launch Star's SW_APPEAR (Switches) the same value.

2 or more enemies:
1. Place the enemies you want to be killed and the Launch Star you want to be appeared.
2. Also, place an (ExterminationSwitch).
3. First, select the (ExterminationSwitch) and change its ID (Settings) to (ex) 100.
4. Then, select the enemies and change their Parent Group IDs (Groups) to (ex) 100 too.
5. After that, select the (ExterminationSwitch) again and change its SW_A (Switches) to (ex) 101.
6. Finally, select the Launch Star and change its SW_APPEAR (Switches) to (ex) 101 too and assign it to a path (Settings).

I hoped this helped for you.
Comment down below if you have any trouble.