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This pack overrides SMB3's theme with a Super Mario Land 2 theme!
Create your stages on Mario Land or go in space and create tricky Star Mazes. The possibilities are unlimited.

You can also play any normal Stage created with the original SMB3 theme with this theme to get a different feeling


Level Examples:

Level 1 Remix:
033D 0000 037E E3E2

Star Maze Remix:
0AF4 0000 037E E466


Old Screenshots:

Issues (who will be fixed in a future version):
-The editing music sometimes don't play.
-Koopa Troopa's sprite gets different collours in the underground, space, ghost and castle themes.
-Some fanfares (Death, Goal, P-Switch, Boss and Bonus music) do not play correctly, but this seems to be an issue by SDCaffiine and may works on Loadiine and emulators. (The BFSTM files have no problems at all)
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That really looks promising, although I haven't played SMM yet. But SML2 was nice but short game.
[22:47:32] Tahcryon: Sad to hear that you won’t be shitting out SMG levels, Aurum
[22:47:42] Aurum: shitting out smg levels
[22:47:47] Aurum: I really wish it would be like this
[22:47:57] Aurum: it would make things so much easier
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Oh wow! This looks cool!

I should probably install caffiine now, shouldn't I...