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Happy new year to everyone here ! Tell here what do you want to achieve this year.
I want to make a super Mario sunshine custom level and get better in school also I want to try to not be as annoying sometimes as I currently am what about you?
I'm Snifit9
I'm 9 years old
I can count to 9
My IQ is 9
My city is 9
My name is 9
My race is 9
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My school grades are 9
My life is 9
plz don't h9
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Will start a hack by doing a logo...

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I want to try to not be as annoying sometimes as I currently am
Good luck on that...

For myself, I want to work on some characterisitcs of mine.
Also I am looking forward to get a better understanding of layout files.
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I love hacking Galaxy
I want to FINALLY finish my 'Small Galaxy Hacks' and 'Starship Mario Galaxy' projects.

Also finally start a project called Captain Toad Galaxy.

AND get better at blender.

Happy New Year
Some stuff i'm working on:
% 19 % Starship Mario Galaxy: All-in-one fun zone right on your starship! Thread Link!
% 34 % SMG Hacks: The things you need to fully customise your SMG1/2 experience! Thread Link!