Posted on 12-21-17, 10:37 pm
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This is my first SMG2 level hack. I was trying to make flip swap harder while keeping the same feel as the original game.

Difficulty: Medium
One star and 2 green stars so far, I'm going to add a comet mission.


Posted on 12-22-17, 11:24 am

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It would be nicer if you could embed some pictures in this post as well.
Anyway, I played the level and it's not bad at all. It was a short and fun, however, I wouldn't say it's more challenging. In addition, your level reminds me of a scrapped and unfinished stage from Neo Mario Galaxy. Maybe I should rework it someday... I'll post a video asap!
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[22:47:42] Aurum: shitting out smg levels
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I'll definitely play this on my channel! Keeping the surprise though. I'll edit this post and provide constructive criticism when I play it.
If I made an SMO level editor, would you use it?