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Hello. Today I am going to be telling you how to edit the NewerSMBW messages. If you don't know what the messages are, they show up when you activate a switch palace, hit a message block, etc. Let's begin.

If you are on a Windows PC and don't care about any of the new features, just download it here and run the program. If you want the latest features, or you're not on windows, you'll have to run it via source code.

Download Newer Messages Editor from here. Now, make sure you have the following installed:

-Python (latest version)
-PyQt (latest version)

Load up the python launcher and go to the option "open." Select Newer-Messages-Editor Master (make sure you have it extracted) and open the file ""

Now, open up a command prompt and do the following:


Your result should be this:

After that, open the "message.bin" file in the NewerSMBW folder.

If you are having issues, feel free to let me know.

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