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The guide says these 4 steps.

Unpack the ZIP file and place the files on your SD card.
I put the files into the /apps folder, it never said where.

Boot up your console and launch Riivolution.

Set NMG Core to Enabled and hit Launch.

Have fun!
Boots up as Super Mario Galaxy 2.

What gives? How am I messing up? Please assist!
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1. Someone already asked the EXACT question.
2. The 'apps' folder is for your homebrew.
3. The folder you get should be placed on the root of the sd card: Just drop it into the sd card, not into a folder on the sd card.
4. Put the xml file into the riivolution folder on your sd card if it doesn't exist create it.
4. "Boot up your console and launch Riivolution. Set NMG Core to Enabled and hit Launch" (don't forget to enable powerups!) "Have fun!"

If you still didn't understand, I can't help you m8

Thread closed, if I could close it.
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