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Hello everyone! This tutorial will show you how to properly edit and create TPL-files.

What is a TPL-file? This filetype, named Texture Palette, includes images that Wii games use for their layout; their HUD. It can be a game's logo on the title screen, the health bar of a character or the return button that leads you back to a menu. And next to AST editing TPL editing is the easiest way to learn hacking a game.

· BrawlBox (Download)
· A TPL-file that you want to edit.

When you open up BrawlBox, go to "File > New > Archives > TPL Texture Archive" (1). This will create a "NewTree" in your BrawlBox window (2).

Once this is done, you want to right-click on "NewTree" and hit "Import Texture" (3).

Doing so will let you choose an image from your drive which you want to convert to a TPL-file. When you selected your image the Advanced Texture Converter opens up (4).

There is a bunch of options to take, but which are the right ones?

· Format
Lets you choose between I4, I8, IA4, IA8, RGB565, RGB5A3, RGBA8, CI4, CI8 and CMPR (5).

Each Format has it's own properties. Let's take a look:
I4Achromatic (4 bits per pixel).
I8Achromatic (8 bits per pixel).
IA4Achromatic & alpha (8 bits per pixel).
IA8Achromatic & alpha (16 bits per pixel).
RGB565Color (16 bits per pixel).
RGP5A3Color & alpha (16 bits per pixel).
RGBA8Color & alpha (32 bits per pixel). Lossless.
CI4Palette (4 bits per pixel).
CI8Palette (8 bits per pixel).
CMPRColor & mono alpha (4 bits per pixel). Lossy compression.

My recomendations:
· Mask - I8
· Achromatic texture - IA8
· Texture without transparency - RGB565
· Texture with transparency - RGB5A3

· MIP Levels
This makes sense when editing textures of a model. Set it to "1" if you're just editing TPL-files.

· Palette
This comes up if using CI4 or CI8 as format. As "Format" you have to use one that I recommended above. "Colors" is selfexplanatory; recommended to set to "256". Algorithm is always "MedianCut".

· Dimensions
Will resize your image. Never recommended to change anything here!

· Swap RGB
Has a funny effect, but also not recommended to apply.

· Swap Alpha
Switches transparent areas to black and colored to transparent. Semi-transparent areas stay semi-transparent (75% transparency will turn into 25% transparency).

After everything is set, hit "Okay" and "File > Save As...". You're done!

This presupposes you to have a TPL-file already. Go "File > Open..." and select the TPL-file you want to edit. It will open up in BrawlBox (6).

Now right-click on "Texture0" and either press "Re-Encode" or "Replace" (7).

"Re-Encode" directly opens up the Advanced Texture Converter.
"Replace" lets you choose an image from your drive and then opens Advanced Texture Converter.
The procedure now is the same as before. Hit "Okay" if you made your settings. After that go "File > Save" instead of "Save As...". You're done!

Fun trivia: This tutorial seemed pretty unnecessary at first. I planned it as an April-Fools thread.
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Good Job. This will definetly be useful to me when I get back to SMG2 hacking
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