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What is the best tool to extract files from a SMG/SMG2 iso disk image file? How would I play the hack on Dolphin? Is it possible to recompile the SMG/SMG2 files as an ISO disk image? If it is possible, how? Can somebody help me with this please.
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That's easy. I made a simple program for Windows that can do all of that for you. It works on Dolphin. Here's the thread link (it's on Kuribo64 atm but I'm gonna make a thread here too soon)

EDIT: Here's NMG's link -

Just download the first two programs and you're done. As long as you already have an iso of the game, it should work. wit also works with any other Wii/GameCube game as well.
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If you have Dolphin, you can right click on the ISO in the menu and select Properties -> Filesystem. There you'll find the filesystem for the image and you can extract the files as well. It's as simple as that.
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