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This is my very first tutorial and I'm not good in english pls don't hate me I just hope this works for you!

If you came here because you want to know how to change playermodels for example change Luigi with Mario then you are not right here. In this tutorial I will explain how to make custom textures for example make mario wear a green hat or anything else


-ObjectData (from your SMG files)
-SZS explorer

Step 1: J3DViewer

Extract the model you want! e.g. If we want to edit Mario´s texture we extract "Mario.arc"
now you should have a folder called "Mario" and in that folder there should be "ActorInfo", "Mario.bdl"(some objects have .bmd at the end but Mario has .bdl), "debugout.txt" and if your extracted Model has animations then there should be .bck files as well. Now open J3DViewer wich you should have installed earlier and click "Open Model" Then click on your extracted .bmd/.bdl file and you should see your Model. Now you should see "Textures" click on this and extract the textures you want to edit (right click > export). For me cause I want to edit Mario´s hat I extract MarioCap. Now you should have got a .bti file. (or if you extracted more textures you should have got more .bti files) You can close J3DViewer for now.

Step 2: SZS Explorer

Once you have opened SZS Explorer Click on File>New then right click "untitled.szs" and click Import>Files and choose your .bti file. Now there under "Image files" there should be your .bti! Open it now there is a preview of your extracted texture from your extracted model. Click on tools>export then save it as a PNG e.g. Mario.png

Step 3: editing!

Now finally you can open the PNG in photoshop or whatever I use its a good program for free! For example I want to make Mario´s "M" on his hat blue that should be pretty easy!

Step 4: exporting/replacing

So you are done with editing? Good just save your edits.
Now go back to the BTI editor and on the bottom right click on the little folder Icon and choose the PNG you just edited.
Now the BTI editor should preview your edits. Click on Save (top right) and close the BTI editor.
Now right click YOURTEXTURE.bti and click export, export it to the folder where you extracted the .arc file for me it is the folder where "Mario.bdl" is. Once you have done that you need to go back to J3DView and replace your extracted texture. e.g. I exctracted "MariosCap0", now in J3DView I go to Textures and right click "MariosCap0" and click on replace and choose the .bti I edited. After that you can click "Save Model".

Final Step: Repacking/testing

The only step before testing your edits is repacking and replacing the .arc of your model so lets begin with repacking.
Now you need arctools or any other .arc repacker I really recommend arctools since it is very easy to use and just has two buttons. lol. So if you already know how to repack an arc you can skip this and just put your repacked .arc in the ObjectData directory.
If you don´t know just launch arcTools.exe (wich you probably downloaded) and click "pack an arc file" now choose the folder where your bdl,bti and other files from your model are in. It will create an arc file then and this arc file you put into the ObjectData directory then you are finally ready! Congratulations you edited a texture! Feel free to ask questions

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Oh, nice! I'm going to bookmark this page, this should really come in handy soon.
seriously im gonna make a smg2 hack that makes the game beatable 0x a presses, just you wait
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Thank you for the tutorial. It should be useful for many people. I wanted to do something like this a while ago, but this here is nice.
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I love hacking Galaxy
Thanks m8 snifit8 This is very useful and I will definitely put this in an easy to access place!
Some stuff i'm working on:
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