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Will start a hack by doing a logo...

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"Your Logo Here" is an easy-to-understand template that helps you exchanging the logo image on the title screen in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Please note that this is not an executable program.

The ZIP-file includes the following files:
- Five edited TPL files from SMG2's TitleLogo.arc
- An edited BRLYT file from SMG2's TitleLogo.arc that lets you use larger TPL images than before
- A XCF-file. This can be opened GIMP but also be converted to a PSD-file for Photoshop. This unique file is build to show you how your logo will look ingame. We will take a look at this later on.
- Two tools for packing and compressing ARC-files. These are not made by me.

When people want to replace the SMG2 logo with an own logo they usually face a huge restriction; the size.
The TPL-file MyTitleLogo.tpl in SMG2 only allows images up to a size of 440×216 px. Sure, you can just replace that image with an image of the required size, but very soon you will notice that the game will uglily scale and resize your once so beautiful logo. Why does it do that?
See, every imgae-containing ARC-files need something to control how big an image is and where it is displayed. The BRLYT-file does exactly that! It stores information about every TPL-image in an ARC-file, what size they have and where they are displayed. Does that mean the BRLYT-file uglily resizes my beautiful and large logo? The answer is yes.
So either YOU downscale your logo to the size of 440×216 px, or the GAME does it by itself.

"Your Logo Here" includes an edited BRLYT file that lets you use TPL-images up to a size of 512×268 px, so your logo shouldn't be restricted to such a tiny size anymore.
But why does "Your Logo Here" include five TPL-files, if the game has only one logo, meaning one TPL-file? The answer is simple. Take a look into the following spoiler:

Did you notice the animation on the "GALAXY"-letters? This is possible because TitleLogo.arc makes use of multiple TPL-files which you can't really see ingame. "Your Logo Here" lets you customize them to create your own unique logo WITH animations!

What are the other TPL-files? Let's sum them up.
- MyTitleLogo.tpl (512×268 px) is the logo.
- MyTitleLogoBloom.tpl (810×456 px) is the lightburst effect that occurs when you hold either A or B on the title screen.
- MyTitleMask.tpl (512×268 px) is a filtering mask that controls where the stars will appear and move on your logo. It should not be larger than MyTitleLogo.tpl.
- MyTitleSpace.tpl (512×268 px) is the image of the stars that move over the logo. The stars should have the same position as the filtering mask.
- MyTitleSpeculum.tpl (256×134 px) is the image of a sun-reflection that appears on the logo.

Take a look at the following template:

The previously mentioned XCF-file includes exactly that image along with multiple layers to check how each of the five images will appear ingame. Besides this template the file also has a cloud sky and a space sky, for all your matters.
Each of the five TPL-files stick to one of the gray zones in this template. Let's take a look at them.

Dark gray (810×456 px)
- MyTitleLogoBloom.tpl

The bloom effect when holding either A or B goes over the entire screen. That's why this image is the largest in the set. Creating a lightburst effect such as this is quite difficult for newcommers, but you can also use a standard starshine effect. Make sure that your image only uses grayscale colors, because ingame it will remove all the black instances and leave a white-transparent image.
Didn't understand? Maybe you need an example. View the following spoiler:

Medium gray (512×268 px)
- MyTitleLogo.tpl
- MyTitleMask.tpl
- MyTitleSpace.tpl

Here we have the logo itself and the star animation moving across it.
MyTitleLogo.tpl is self-explanatory. It's your logo.
MyTitleSpace.tpl and MyTitleMask.tpl belong together, but are different TPL-files. Here we have the scenario with the filtering mask. I will try to explain this as good as possible.
A filtering mask uses white and black space to control which parts are showen and which are invisible. Usually it happens that the white parts are visible and the black parts are invisible. Lets check the following demonstration in the spoiler below:

Light gray (256×134 px)
- MyTitleSpeculum.tpl

This is just a sun-reflection effect that will be displayed on the center of your logo. The game handles this image the same way as MyTitleLogoBloom.tpl, meaning that black parts get reduced and only white parts are left over.

"Your Logo Here" does neither provide you with an original TitleLogo.arc nor with any file inside of it. You will need to get this file on your own and extract it. Replace the BRLYT-file and TPL-files with your customized files and repack them with the included tool RARCPacker.exe and maybe compress it with the included yaz0enc.exe. Both programs are not made by me and can also be found in the download section.

This tutorial is going to be expanded by further expanations if demanded. Feel free to ask questions!
(Can't wait until mama Aurum corrects my beautiful grammar mistakes)