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Will start a hack by doing a logo...

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Hello, fresh and ingrained modders!

We are happy to see how the interest into SMG modding has raised in the past. The section CUSTOM LEVELS AND PROJECTS is the perfect place to show others the levels you have created. But sometimes it happens that a user just has a great idea, starts a thread, and then leaves it behind in hope of another person realizing his or her idea. To prevent this and to save some A Presses, there are just a few additive rules to this section of the NMG board. We expect every user to read and understand these before posting a new thread.


There are three types of threads we distinguish:
- Project (an entire hack with at least two custom levels)
- Level (one complete level/galaxy)
- Model (custom planet/object, texture hack, etc.)

Every thread requires a particular amount of previews to show off. Previews can be made either as screenshot directly from the console, from the editor, or as photo taken from any device. The following table shows which amount of images is required per thread:

Type of threadRequired amount of images

If you cannot provide the required amount of images for any specific reason you may use drawings or sketches showcasing your ideas as placeholders for real material. Please know that logos DO NOT count to previews.
Also, if your thread does not include the required amount of images after four days (or 100 hours) your thread will be deleted. We do not want that to happen, so please make sure you can provide previews before posting a thread.


In addition to images, please put some formal information and a description about your mod into the thread. Formal language is highly appreciated.


Offer your help to others if you can provide necessary knowledge or skills


Have fun. The staff wishes you successful modding!