Posted on 07-28-17, 10:37 pm
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I know you guys are working on neo mario galaxy, and I don't want to rush, but maybe for a next project; you guys could recreate starworld from e3 2006. Maybe even add it as a level in neo galaxy. I can supply information about the demo if needed.

Just an idea.
Posted on 07-28-17, 10:49 pm

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Thank you, but
1st: NMG is finished.
2nd: Bits of the galaxy stage were reused for the original NMG demo level.
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[22:47:57] Aurum: it would make things so much easier
Posted on 07-29-17, 08:33 am

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Maybe you could just recreate it instead of asking him to put in NMG!
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Posted on 07-30-17, 03:20 pm
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Good idea, I will see what I can do.