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<wiidisc version="1"> <id game="SB4" /> <options> <section name="SMG2 Testing"> <option name="Testing"> <choice name="Enabled"> <patch id="smg2test"/> </choice> </option> </section> </options> <patch id="smg2test" root="/smg2"> <folder external="StageData" disc="/StageData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="ObjectData" disc="/ObjectData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="ParticleData" disc="/ParticleData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="LightData" disc="/LightData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="LayoutData" disc="/LayoutData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="LocalizeData" disc="/LocalizeData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="SystemData" disc="/SystemData" recursive="true" create="true" /> <folder external="AudioRes" disc="/AudioRes" recursive="true" create="true" /> </patch> </wiidisc>

The root directory is called "smg2". You can also build Riivolution patches with my Riivotree tool:
For more information on Riivolution's patching format, visit this page:
[22:47:32] Tahcryon: Sad to hear that you won’t be shitting out SMG levels, Aurum
[22:47:42] Aurum: shitting out smg levels
[22:47:47] Aurum: I really wish it would be like this
[22:47:57] Aurum: it would make things so much easier
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Thanks. This is definitely gonna help me get that level in my Wii U! So how do I do it?
That's what i'm saying. Now honey. Where are my paaaaaaaants?
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Will start a hack by doing a logo...

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Dude stop calling your section "SMG2 Testing" as I did xD
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I have a SMG2 Template too and it's called SMG2 Testing
Posted on 02-25-18, 04:19 am
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The form seems to be gone
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The form seems to be gone
What do you mean? There is/was no "form" in the first place (whatever that means).

If you mean that you don't know how to use this, just copy the code Aurum posted into Notepad(++) and save as an XML.

Oh and before I forget, make sure that the folder, containing StageData, ObjectData, etc is located on the root of your SD.