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I originally posted this list on Kuribo64, but here's an updated version, because some people requested this.

File ExtensionPurpose
RARCAlso known as an ARC file. RARC files are archive files (something like ZIP, RAR, etc.) that store smaller files and folders. This is the most common file format in the SMG games.
BCSVBCSV (Binary comma-separated values) files are tables/databases that have a set number of fields and entries. They are mostly found in stage files and they contain information about the objects that appear in the level.
BCAM, TBL and PASame as BCSV, but they are used for camera parameters, object names and collision attributes, respectively.
CANMAnother camera format that is used for intro cameras. Has fields for position, fixpoint and zooming distance.
GSTContains information about Cosmic Mario races in SMG1 and Ghost Luigi in SMG2.
PADUsed for the Tip Networks in SMG2.
Models (J3D engine)
BDLBDL files are 3D model files. It is a enhanced version of BMD which was often used in GameCube games.
BMDAn outdated version of BDL. There's only one BMD model in SMG2.
BCKThe general animation format.
BTKUsed for texture scrolling.
BPKUnknown, but found in KoopaJrCastleBody.arc
BTPUsed for changing the texture palette.
BLKUnknown and possibly unused.
BRKOften used for color changing (Lumas, Toads, etc.). It seems to apply shaders to the model.
BMTStores additional materials for models. This doesn't seem to be used in the SMG games and it doesn't seem to work anyway.
BVAThis is used to hide certain batches of models, for example the different facial expressions of King Whomp.
BANMTAnother BCSV format that stores information about an object's animations.
ASTAudio stream.
BMSSequenced background music. The format is similar to MIDI.
AWAn archive that contains raw sound effects.
SZSThis is only found in the AudioRes directory in both games and it is a YAZ0 compressed BAA file.
BMGA message file format that is only used in SMG1.
MSBTShort for "Message Text", this is SMG2's equivalent to the BMG file format.
MSBFMSBF means "Message Flow" and it defines additional text for one message label/character.
Images and particles
BTIA common image format that can be found in many other GameCube and Wii games.
JPCAn archive that contains many smaller JPA files. The entries are indexed.
JPAA file that contains information and textures for particles.
Videos and layouts
THPA video format that is used for SMG1's pre-rendered cutscenes.
TPLAnother image format that is mostly found in layout files.
BRLYTShort for "Binary Revolution Layout". Layout files are used for things like HUD screens.
BRLANAn animation file for layouts.

There's also a bunch of other file extensions that aren't worth mentioning, because they are found in every Wii game. This includes DOL, IMG, BNR, SEL, RSO, ... Interestingly, there are a few interesting files using other formats that were accidentally left in the game.
- csv~ : Found in BigBirikyu.arc
- anmt___ : Found in BossBussun.arc
- dtp : Found in BossJugem.arc
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This is as great as useful, thanks for posting.

In the "Sound" directory there is a "WSYS" format.
A WSYS file kind of works with a BMS file. The BMS file knows what sounds to play in a specific sequence, and the WSYS file knows where these sounds are located (probably from AW files).

I would say it's necessary to tell that THP files contain video AND audio. I saw people believeing that AST files play along with THP files, which is not true (and turns out that two more ASTs in SMG remain unused). Also worth to meantion that SMGs THP files all run at 59.94 FPS, but not necessary for the list.

And maybe some more names?
TPL stands for Texture PaLette.
BRLAN stands for Binary Revolution Layout AnimatioN.

Lets see what knowledge the future brings.