Posted on 05-12-17, 08:26 pm
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So i made a model in Blender and followed the steps here, but the bdl creator from there doesn't work for me. I can remember a version of obj2bdl, that supports vertex collours, but all download links are down. However, i found a bdl creator here, that can create BDL files for Super Mario Sunshine, but i'm not sure, if it works for Galaxy. Since i already tried to import the bld to Galaxy, but when i place the object into a level, Whitehole crashes.
I'm also not sure, what's exactly wrong. It can be, that i used the wrong export settings in blender, or the bdl exporter isn't compatible with SMG.

Can someone help me?
Posted on 06-03-17, 12:49 pm
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BDL of Sunshine can't work for SMG.
Follow this :