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Adding New Zones

This tutorial will tell you how you add and edit new Zones for your Galaxy!

What is a Zone?

A zone is something like a small level with objects and other things in it. Zones can be easily moved in a Galaxy like a single object, so you can rotate it to give it a Mario Galaxy look, without messing something up, because the Gravity and the other things such as the areas are inside of the Zone! It's also possible to use the same zone multiple times.

Creating a zone:

Ok so before we start, you should be sure, that you have these tools:

-The Zone Template

STEP 1: Adding the folder

Create a folder in the StageData and give it the name of your Zone. Move the Zone template to the folder and give it your zone's name.

STEP 2: Adding to the Zone List

However, this step isn't needed, if you are using Dossun2, so skip this step!

STEP 3: Adding to the "UseResource"

Open the BCSV editor again and go to Open -> Galaxy -> UseResource -> common, enter your Galaxy's name.
Now add a new row and enter /StageData/XYZone/XYZoneMap.arc and save. (Where XY is, is your zone's name)

STEP 4: Add new entry to the Scenario Data

The ScenarioData contains the information for the missions and names for the zones. You can add, edit and delete fields from an entry, but you CAN'T edit the entrys itself with Whitehole (yet...?), so we have to make it with a Hex Editor! Dossun2 can add and edit Entries!

First start Dossun2 and select your games folder. Then click on Scenario Editor and select your Galaxy.

A new window will appear. Now move to the Zone Settings and click on Add. Enter now your Zone name and click on OK. Last but not least, click on Save Entry and then Save file. Done!

Old method:

STEP 5: Adding to the Level

Now it's all ready. All we have to do now, is adding the Zone to the Galaxy

Open the BCSV editor again and enter to Archive "/StageData/XYGalaxy/XYGalaxyMap.arc" and to File you add "/Stage/jmp/Placement/Common/StageObjInfo" and click on open.

Add a new row and enter your Zones name.

Here you can change the coordinates of your zone.