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welcome to the side of 3dl hacking nobody honestly cares about

since ARM is easy to work with i decided to do my daily game-change and datamine a bit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I haven't looked at the Object Database, so I didn't cheat at all. There are 3 objects that are grouped, known as WarpBox, WarpCubeOutOnly, and WarpCubeOnce. They use the same base, but function differently.

ROM:00218DD4 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= ROM:00218DD4 ROM:00218DD4 ROM:00218DD4 WarpBox_Class ROM:00218DD4 ROM:00218DD4 var_68 = -0x68 ROM:00218DD4 var_58 = -0x58 ROM:00218DD4 var_54 = -0x54 ROM:00218DD4 var_44 = -0x44 ROM:00218DD4 var_40 = -0x40 ROM:00218DD4 var_3C = -0x3C ROM:00218DD4 var_38 = -0x38 ROM:00218DD4 var_34 = -0x34 ROM:00218DD4 var_28 = -0x28 ROM:00218DD4 ROM:00218DD4 STMFD SP!, {R0,R1,R4-R11,LR} ROM:00218DD8 SUB SP, SP, #0x3C ROM:00218DDC ADD R2, SP, #0x30 ROM:00218DE0 MOV R7, R0 ROM:00218DE4 ADR R0, aWarpcube ; "WarpCube" ROM:00218DE8 MOV R3, #0 ROM:00218DEC LDR R1, =0x3D9C3C ROM:00218DF0 STR R0, [SP,#0x34] ROM:00218DF4 MOV R0, R7 ROM:00218DF8 STR R1, [SP,#0x24] ROM:00218DFC STR R1, [SP,#0x30] ROM:00218E00 LDR R1, [SP,#0x40] ROM:00218E04 BL sub_1801D8 ROM:00218E08 MOV R11, #0 ROM:00218E0C LDR R1, =0x3F2CF4 ROM:00218E10 MOV R2, R11 ROM:00218E14 MOV R0, R7 ROM:00218E18 BL sub_EBD8C ROM:00218E1C LDR R0, [SP,#0x68+var_28] ROM:00218E20 BL sub_17AB5C ROM:00218E24 MOV R8, R0 ROM:00218E28 LDR R0, [SP,#0x68+var_28] ROM:00218E2C MOV R6, R7 ROM:00218E30 ADR R1, aWarpcubeoutonl ; "WarpCubeOutOnly" ROM:00218E34 BL sub_17EF68 ROM:00218E38 CMP R0, #0 ROM:00218E3C STRNEB R11, [R7,#0x9C] ROM:00218E40 LDR R0, [SP,#0x68+var_28] ROM:00218E44 ADR R1, aWarpcubeonce ; "WarpCubeOnce" ROM:00218E48 BL sub_17EF68 ROM:00218E4C CMP R0, #0 ROM:00218E50 MOV R5, #1 ROM:00218E54 STRNEB R5, [R7,#0x9D] ROM:00218E58 LDR R1, [SP,#0x68+var_28] ROM:00218E5C ADD R0, R7, #0x98 ROM:00218E60 BL sub_1794F0

there you go, a random object that you know about now

good day