Posted on 09-03-16, 12:11 pm
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Can anyone maybe help me with getting the game to show specific text in a place in the game to inform player about things :-)?

I am making a stage where jumping kills mario. He has to complete the location without jumping which i think is an interesting mechanic to add to the game.

I have succeded in doing so, jumping will kill mario, but I need text to pop up that can inform the player ?

Anyone know anything about it :-P

I am also considering making a 3d model of a sign saying no jumping or something like that

Posted on 09-03-16, 12:20 pm

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Sadly, this isn't possible. Unlike SMG, you can't assign text to NPCs or whatever anymore.
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Your best bet is making a custom model of a sign saying no jumping on it. Sorry m8, this was the point in time where Nintendo decided that NPCs wouldnt appear in 3D Mario games anymore ;-; for shame
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Sounds like a Captain Toad level, but on the 3DS. I look forward to playing it