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This switch will make an object appear when activated.

Often used by enemies. It activates something if the object gets destroyed.

This is an activator switch. Often used by objects such as YellowChipGroup or SwitchArea that trigger something.

The opposite of a SW_A switch, because it deactivates an object. This is often used by glass cages (CapsuleCage).

This is very similar to SW_APPEAR, so people sometimes confuse these three switches. SW_SLEEP, or SW_AWAKE in SMG2, makes an already existing object visible. This is mostly used by Hungy Lumas and certain objects on the Comet Observatory / Starship.

This switch was introduced in SMG2. It is only used by objects which can be slowed down, for example Thwomps or Tox-Boxes. If activated, the objects will move half as fast as before.

Let's say you want to open a CapsuleCage by ground-pounding a HipDropSwitch. For this you'll have to give the HipDropSwitch a SW_A and the CapsuleCage a SW_B. Both switches must be set to the same value.

Local switches and global switches
Local switches only trigger something in the zone the object is placed in. They range from 0 to 999. Global switches can activate things in the whole galaxy. They start at 1000.
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