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(Note: This only applies to Super Mario Galaxy 2.)

After testing out PowerStarIDs and moving Green Stars between layers, I think I know how PowerStarIDs work...

There are four different types of Stars: Normal (used for normal Stars, comet Stars, and letter Stars), Hidden (used for secret Stars), Green (used for Green Stars in the first Normal mission (labelled as "Green1" below)) and Green (used for Green Stars in the second Normal mission (labelled as "Green2" below)). If you want to move a Green Star in Yoshi Star Galaxy, for example, from the first mission to the second mission, then you'll need to change the PowerStarIDs to match those of a level with a similar level-type layout.

Yoshi-Star Galaxy has the Power Star types: Normal, Normal, Normal, Green1, Green1, Green1. If you change the third Green Star to Green2, then you'll also need to change the PowerStarIDs to match the new Star types of Normal, Normal, Normal, Green1, Green1, Green2 (which is also used by Sky Station Galaxy).

If you change Yoshi Star's PowerStarIDs to those of Sky Station, then the third Green Star will load with the second Star mission instead of the first.

A list of all the PowerStarIDs in Super Mario Galaxy 2 can be found here:

Color Legend for Linked Chart:
Orange - "Normal" Star (normal Star / comet Star / letter Star)
Purple - "Hidden" Star (secret Star)
Green - "Green" Star (Green Star that loads with Star 1)
Teal - "Green" Star (Green Star that loads with Star 2)

(You CAN put a Green Star in a galaxy's comet Star... as long as the comet Star is Star #2 of that galaxy.)

I know that my description is complicated and long, but it has to be... since no-one else really knows how PowerStarIDs work... Sorry!
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Nice! This should give us a better understanding on how to put in secret stars.
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It's pretty simple, actually: The PowerStarId setting is a bit field and it represents the stars that can be found in a scenario. To make it much easier to understand, we convert it to a binary value:

000000011Star 1
000000102Star 2
000001004Star 3
000010008Star 4
0001000016Star 5
0010000032Star 6
0100000064Star 7
10000000128Star 8
000001015Star 1 + Star 3
0000101010Star 2 + Star 4
0000110113Star 1 + Star 3 + Star 4
0011100157Star 1 + Star 4 + Star 5 + Star 6
10001011139Star 1 + Star 2 + Star 4 + Star 8

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