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Posted on 12-02-16, 03:21 pm
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Yeah there are some points that I'm going to try to either scale down or add more decoration to. Hazy Maze Galaxy is also pretty barren in some parts, like the area with all the water, so I'll be filling those areas in later.

BTW what exactly do you mean by "textures don't fit together for both levels?"
Posted on 12-02-16, 03:53 pm

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This one here for example. Those walls look like they are from some desert galaxy and the grass doesn't look cave-ish.
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Posted on 12-02-16, 04:50 pm
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Oh I understand now. Interesting, because I actually got that grass texture from Slimy Spring Galaxy, the only underground level in the retail game IIRC. But I guess I could maybe darken the textures a bit, or maybe once I get the model shaded it will look better.
Posted on 12-04-16, 08:10 pm

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Looks great! Well done!
Posted on 12-05-16, 05:04 pm
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i think the grass texture fit! Maybe change wall tunnel texture.
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