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The bosses from Boss Blitz Galaxy can't spawn power stars anymore, even when the AppearPowerStarObj in the scenario file is defined.
That's because the code that controls AppearPowerStarObj has been changed. But there's an alternate way to make them spawn power stars, however, this only works for Dino Piranha, Major Burrows and Bouldergeist. Fiery Dino Piranha still works like it normally does and King Kaliente doesn't work for some reason.

First, you do the basic things to set up a boss. Place the object, assign a SW_A switch and other required settings (Major Burrows requires paths). Place an ExterminationPowerStar object and set obj_arg2 to 0. This will hide the Romp Comet counter. Give it a unique Object_Id. Now you'll have to change the GeneratorId of the boss to the same value you entered for ExterminationPowerStar's Object_Id. Don't forget to add a power star!
Open the scenario file with the BCSV editor and change the AppearPowerStarObj to 全滅監視チェッカー[パワースター].
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[22:47:42] Aurum: shitting out smg levels
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