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Posted on 09-07-17, 05:46 pm

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I love hacking Galaxy
Your right, Hackio! Kinda Useful... for no0bs.
It has barley any features.
Some stuff i'm working on:
% 19 % Starship Mario Galaxy: All-in-one fun zone right on your starship! Thread Link!
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Posted on 09-07-17, 05:48 pm

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GC Creates ENTIRE GALAXIES. New ones, that is.

It's kinda OUTDATED though. Dossun2 is probably better
(That gives me an idea! I'll make a tool that will PORT galaxies! Yes! GENIUS!!!)
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Posted on 09-07-17, 06:33 pm

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Anyway, just stick to Dossun2, as it creates new galaxies with two or three clicks. Also, I've closed and unsticked this thread, because it's outdated. If you are looking for the tools, visit the downloads section instead...
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[22:47:57] Aurum: it would make things so much easier
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