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It's-a me, legomariofanatic!

Here are the hacks I am working on...

Super Mario Galaxy 2: The Green Stars is a hack that changes the locations of all 120 Green Stars and all 49 Comet Medals in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It also changes some Prankster Comet stars and all of the World Map layouts are changed as well!

Retro Super Mario Bros. Wii is a hack that changes all 77 levels in New Super Mario Bros. Wii into levels from Super Mario Bros. (NES), Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Super Mario World (SNES) and New Super Mario Bros. (DS). The hack does not have checkpoints, but the levels are all easy (because they are from older Mario games).

The Speedy Simpsons Mod is a hack that changes all 49 Story Missions, all 7 Bonus Missions and all 21 Street Races in The Simpsons Hit and Run (PC version). The hack changes all missions to make them feel different from the original game, while retaining the original game's storyline.
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Starshine Beach: Water Tower Door (WaterCaveWall) on 08-16-16, 10:00 am (diff)
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08-12-16, 09:12 pm
Could you please leave the useless objects as they are? Giving them a name and a description isn't required, actually
08-12-16, 09:20 pm
Also, a lot of the information was wrong.
08-13-16, 10:59 am
Again, stop marking unused objects as useless.
08-13-16, 11:01 am
Now, I can have fun reverting all those changes...
08-15-16, 11:51 am
Please make sure to always add the required object files as well as obj_args, even if their purpose isn't known yet. Just rename them from "New Field" to "Unknown"
08-16-16, 10:04 am
And yet again, more wrong information. Do some research while you're banned from the object database for 3 days.
08-21-16, 11:00 am
I just unbanned you from the objectdb. If you still don't do research and add more wrong information, I'm going to ban you again.
08-30-16, 09:37 pm
happy birthday
07-31-17, 11:31 pm
Come to Discord, I'll help you out with dumping the game

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Neo Mario Galaxy is love, Neo Mario Galaxy is life!

Super Mario Galaxy 2: The Green Stars ~ 20/49 Galaxies
Retro Super Mario Bros. Wii ~ 14/77 Levels
The Speedy Simpsons Mod ~ 10/78 Missions