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My biggest wish is that every filetype gets it's own color...

FiletypeMenaingHTML Color Name
ARCArchiveDarkOrange #FF8C00
ASTAudio StreamCyan #00FFFF
BDLMediumSlateBlue #7B68EE
BMGBinary MessagePlum #DDA0DD
BRLYTBinary Revolution LayoutLimeGreen #32CD32
BTKDarkCyan #008B8B
CANMKhaki #F0E68C
KCLIndigo #4B0082
MBSTSalmon #FA8072
OBJObjectMagenta #FF00FF
TPLTexture PaletteOrangeRed #FF4500
XMLExtensible Markup LanguageLawnGreen #7CFC00

(List will get longer for sure)
Object database (SMG)
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Object database (SM3DL)
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12 »
08-01-17, 02:56 pm
But first, we need to talk about parallel universes.
08-15-17, 08:43 pm
Seit 16 jahren bei 1&1
08-16-17, 11:03 pm
Wenn sie eine Frage zu ihrem DSL Anschluss haben, dann rufen sie an kostenlos, mein Team und ich helfen ihnen gerne!
08-19-17, 07:47 pm
Have you heard of Super Mario Bros. X?
Super Hackio
09-07-17, 08:39 pm
Did you see the list of tools you need for My SMG2 hacking stream? It uses the colors you put in your BIO.
Super Hackio
09-08-17, 06:42 pm
CANM = Camera KeyFrames; BDL = J3D Model; KCL = Collision; MBST = Text
Super Hackio
09-08-17, 10:08 pm
I understand.
09-18-17, 04:22 pm
09-18-17, 04:23 pm
Hast du einen Bart?
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Will start a hack by doing a logo...

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