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07-04-16, 06:28 am
07-20-16, 09:49 am
SMG supports BMD models. The only thing you have to use are map.bmd, map.btk and map.col. You have to edit map.col to remove the water collision.
07-20-16, 06:45 pm
Use the collision exporter to convert the col file to an obj file. Then use the collision creator to create kcl and pa files.
07-20-16, 07:29 pm
I can't help you with that ,sorry.
07-21-16, 11:45 pm's been FOREVER since the last time I ported a Galaxy...I'll see if I can remember, and if so I'll show you how it's done or something.
07-29-16, 02:54 pm
Merp, my level is complete bullshit.
07-29-16, 07:02 pm
Then the level would be too easy. I've already added some pull stars, because it is quite difficult at some points. I can send you the files if you want
07-29-16, 08:42 pm
move FamicomMarioSky to ObjectData
07-29-16, 09:28 pm
You wanted me to do Rolling Bowling Galaxy?
07-30-16, 10:03 am
I'm fine with the changes you've done to my galaxy, but you should really change the background to something that fits, like FamicomMarioSky. Also, I can create a "core" for SMGM if you want.
07-30-16, 10:08 am
Also, just send me back the files for the galaxy, so I can add cameras
07-31-16, 08:47 pm
Just a small note, but when editing objects, add fields for all the obj_args and mark them as unknown. It will be easier to find out what has to be tested.
08-01-16, 07:31 pm
Ah, I'll edit it
08-05-16, 12:11 pm
I've just fixed your layout
08-13-16, 05:03 pm
by the way masterf0x didn't have anything to do with the 3DL editor being "stolen", he was framed
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