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08-08-16, 08:47 pm
08-12-16, 11:11 pm
Hi, I'm having trouble with playing SMG on Dolphin without an ISO. I need your help.
Cosmic Eternity
08-24-16, 09:33 am
I quoted you on a post on my blog defending Vista
Cosmic Eternity
08-24-16, 12:58 pm
And yeah, I'm using vista now (and XP in an VM)
08-26-16, 12:04 am
Hey, do you have a copy of the SMG2.5 trailer somewhere?
08-26-16, 01:35 am
I mean the actual trailer with bowsers castle, the demo, misty something, Bob-Omb battlefield, and rolling halfpipe.
08-26-16, 01:36 am
So If at somepoint you could give that to me, that would be great, thanks!
08-26-16, 08:07 pm
Cosmic Eternity
09-01-16, 02:56 pm
unfortunately, the blog was deleted
Cosmic Eternity
09-03-16, 11:24 am
still, I might write something on vista later on my forum if you like
12-17-16, 11:27 pm
Hi, sorry if I'm late. I'm having trouble with Dolphin's savegame. I've set up SMG2, but it won't save. How do I fix this?
12-18-16, 12:18 am
But do you know anything about recording on Dolphin?
12-21-16, 12:16 pm
Nevermind, I got it working now
10-16-17, 01:50 pm
Hello! You're still reading posts?
10-20-17, 01:48 pm
Did you see what I posted as an answer on my profile?
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Otherwise known as rob55rod. Just call me Splitty, k?

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