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08-26-16, 06:15 pm
Sign me up for one of those cias :>
08-29-16, 02:34 pm
Again, put bigger images into imgs tags...
09-24-16, 08:58 pm
where have you been man?
09-24-16, 08:58 pm
could i talk to you on skype sometime?
09-25-16, 09:48 am
i forgot my skype login lol ahahahaha
09-25-16, 09:48 am
can you pm me here for the time being I have completed the levels i have
09-25-16, 09:49 am
waiting for you to insert the levels and finish this shit up
09-25-16, 09:26 pm
Oh okay. It wasn't a good idea to reply on the Flip Swap Galaxy thread though because SunaKaze might get mad at you for being offtopic
09-26-16, 01:56 pm
Hey. You should try to make another skype I need to talk to you about a lot of things that i cant all relay in one pm
09-26-16, 05:21 pm
add spyro2670
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