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For reference:
And here are the slots:
IslandFleetGalaxy Breezy Byway Galaxy
RedBlueExGalaxy Beatswap Galaxy
YosshiHomeGalaxy Twisty Triumphs Galaxy
DigMineGalaxy Rolling Bowling Galaxy
AbekobeGalaxy Pixel Platforms Galaxy
DimensionBigCastleGalaxy Championship Galaxy
WaterRiverGalaxy Poison River Galaxy
WaterMario64Galaxy Jolly Roger Galaxy
WaterUraGalaxy Skyland Shore Galaxy
MadnessOnimasuGalaxy Thwompworks Galaxy
I would say that we should leave the world IDs as they are, because the player will never have a chance to open the grand world map

[8:22:03 PM] Aurum: Galactic Greens
Scary Steps
Sweet Treat
Honey Heights
Rolling Bowling
Twisty Triumphs
Jolly Roger
Bottle Bay
Flip Beep
[8:22:10 PM] Aurum: replace rolling bowling with breezy byway
[8:22:26 PM] Aurum: yeah, I have to go now as well

Galactic Greens IslandFleetGalaxy
Jolly Roger Galaxy Water64Galaxy
Honey Heights Galaxy YosshiHomeGalaxy
Thwompworks Galaxy DigMineGalaxy
Breezy Byway Galaxy MokumokuValleyGalaxy
Scary Steps Galaxy SoundSyncGalaxy
Sweet Treat Galaxy AbekobeGalaxy
Twisty Triumphs Galaxy SecretAthleticGalaxy
Beep Flip Galaxy RedBlueExGalaxy
Championship Galaxy DimensionBigCastleGalaxy
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07-29-16, 09:33 pm
if u can think of an interesting level design that doesnt have custom planets sure
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