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07-08-16, 07:01 pm
Just added you to the NMG group. Also, if you have skype, we could create a new group for NMG team members
08-26-16, 01:20 am
Actually yes, I believe I do have the video, if you mean the one with Planet Plains. YouTube is impossible on a 300MB Data plan, so I often download videos on Wi-Fi to watch later, then forget to delete them. Why?
08-26-16, 10:53 am
Yes, I believe it is that trailer. I'll upload it to YouTube when I have a chance .___.
08-26-16, 09:03 pm
battle blast isn't part of nmg
08-28-16, 02:21 am
An official product used by Nintendo developers to help with 3DS modelling. Nowadays you can find it distributed among the Internet.
08-28-16, 03:33 pm
I don't think it was sold. I think it was simply given to 3DS devs
12-21-16, 12:17 pm
Hello! Remember the Honey Highlands model you made? Could I use it in my level?
12-21-16, 11:46 pm
Sure, I sent you it at one point, but it needed fixing up.
02-14-17, 06:58 pm
I archived most of the NMG threads. That's why
07-15-17, 10:42 pm
OMG, you're alive How are you?
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