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Copy-Pasta from my Kuribo64 account. (Mostly )
Hi! I'm Super Hackio and My Favorite color is yellow

I am working on whatever projects are in my signature, so... yeah. I am a game designer (in training) doing university-level stuff in my programming class. (at least, that's what my teacher said ) also, i'm home-schooled. as a result of this class, I know 5 programming languages: C#, C++, JavaScript, Java (Not my strongest, But I know it), and GMS. (GameMakerStudio) I want to learn ASM, so i can ASM hack stuff, so, yeah. My favorite game is SMG2.

As of 2017-07-09, I have a motto!
Sure the SMG games have High entrance barriers, but pass those and your good to go!

Oh, and my Youtube Channel is HERE
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09-07-17, 06:56 pm
Actually Active refers to the number of the post count in the last 24 hours
Super Hackio
09-07-17, 07:18 pm
I see...
09-08-17, 05:48 pm
Oh, well, makes me glad you took reference to my list ^^. I will update it by the colors you used.
09-08-17, 06:48 pm
Yes, I know what they are for, but I want to use the meaning of the file-suffix. Like TPL, where the T means Texture and the PL means Palette.
09-22-17, 09:37 pm
Bro pls comment on my profile
10-13-17, 07:06 pm
10-13-17, 07:07 pm
Super Hackio
10-13-17, 07:07 pm
10-18-17, 02:46 pm
10-20-17, 04:03 am
Is commenting "" on your profile a new trend or something?
10-26-17, 02:29 pm
Hello who are you
Super Hackio
10-26-17, 02:29 pm
I am me
10-26-17, 02:36 pm
How does that equate? Is there a scientific explanation for sh == sh?
10-26-17, 02:37 pm
Your YT channel link is down. :sad:
Super Hackio
10-26-17, 05:42 pm
There we go! I have Fixed the link!
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SMG2 Hacker: Who's ready To ROCK!

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