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So, I am not that kind of a 'frequent' guy that always does new things every day. I like to finish projects that were started before I go onto another one. I keep people updated on my projects as well reply to most people. I appreciate all feedback on my projects and will try to take them into consideration. I usually do unique stuff that other people don't do.

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09-12-17, 10:33 pm
'Cause of Hackio getting banned.
09-13-17, 06:11 am
(Here comes SunakazeKun)
09-22-17, 06:11 pm
Don't request illegal material.
10-02-17, 05:58 pm
Bro I think your layout has a bug or something
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Banned permanently: Acts like a derp; spreads misinformation; we have told you a few times.

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I love hacking Galaxy
Posted by NeoBot
Neo Mario Galaxy is love, Neo Mario Galaxy is life!

Some stuff i'm working on:
% 19 % Starship Mario Galaxy: All-in-one fun zone right on your starship! Thread Link!
% 34 % SMG Hacks: The things you need to fully customise your SMG1/2 experience! Thread Link!