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Hello, i'm LOUISKOVSKIE! I'm gamehacker and my dream is it, to make a series of hacked games. The games, who i want to hack are old and new games. I mean, for example, that a SMW Hack is planned, a SMK Hack, a SM64 Hack, a NSMBDS Hack and a SMG Hack too. And when the gamehackseries is successfully, i want to make an own internet-site about all the games and other, and a cartoon too I can speak completely german and good enough english, i hope xD

Miiverse ID : Louis.Strich9
If you want to see my Mario Maker levels, go to this site
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09-24-16, 07:43 pm
Been workin on any 3DL stuff? I want to make some levels but i lack ideas
09-24-16, 09:22 pm
Lol! xD I also lack some ideas. Maybe a level with these green clapping platforms?
09-28-16, 12:57 pm
Postest du die ganzen Informationen über Whitehole v1.4 auf WiiDatabase? xD
09-28-16, 01:22 pm
ja kp, einmal halt xD
09-28-16, 01:23 pm
hä, irgendwie lädt whitehole kein level mehr. hängt bloß beim laden?
09-28-16, 02:02 pm
Ähm, was? Funktioniert echt kein einziges Level?
09-28-16, 02:04 pm
Achja, du poste aufm Profil des anderen Users, damit man deine Nachicht leichter lesen kann
09-28-16, 02:21 pm
ok, jetzt gehts eh wieder xD
10-02-16, 05:05 pm
Do you have skype lkovskie? Mustafo and i would like to talk to u
10-02-16, 05:08 pm
sorry, i don't have skype
10-02-16, 05:08 pm
should i download it?
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