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I like playing games. c:

Twitter: @RealHeroicGamer
I might post memes a bit, other than that it's mainly just insecure trash.

NNID (Wii U): ThatHeroicGamer
Add me and play with me. There's a few games I can't get enough of on there.

Wattpad (in the works): @HeroicGamer
I'm reworking my profile, my old one was trashhh

Discord: @RealHeroicGamer#3565
I'm gonna use Discord for a looooong time, so in the future when everyone becomes unactive since the board is now dead and for some reason you still want to contact me, there you go.

I think I see a pattern between all my usernames

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08:14 RealHeroicGamer: is it working?
08:16 RealHeroicGamer: i've never used an irc before, this is all new to me 0.o
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09-18-17, 04:23 pm
From what I know by shibs' appearance on our Discord, I believe he does not know pannenkoek2012 memes.
09-18-17, 08:40 pm
Ripp. It's fine, it's a bit more than just a meme to me, it's really fun

I played Neo BEFORE it was cool.

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Neo Mario Galaxy is love, Neo Mario Galaxy is life!

seriously im gonna make a smg2 hack that makes the game beatable 0x a presses, just you wait