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Ciao! I'm IndigoChills! My mission in life is to entertain and inspire the community! I own an indie group called Starwave Studios, and we make films and music that we hope will inspire many to follow ther dreams. I also make music and computer software just for fun sometimes. Im on this forum because researching development for Super Mario Galaxy modification is a fun little hobby I enjoy doing on my free time. I wish to further explore the forgotten features of the Mario universe and help others create the stages of their dreams in any way I can!

Now please note, SMG Modding is ONLY a hobby for me. I only do this for fun and I don't intend to do anything like this in the future. Owning and working in a group (that will soon be trademarked) that creates films and music to inspire others, along with keeping school, family, friends, my love life and my social image stable is really hard work. Don't expect frequent posts, because i'll be fixated on more important things. I can't be here constantly while my friends and I are developing what could most likely be our future careers. So expect posts only once or twice a month.

Well, that's all I have to say. Enjoy all my content, and I'll see you on the flipside!
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09-24-17, 09:48 am
Happy Birthday IndigoChills!
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