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07-03-16, 11:47 am
You select it and move it with your mouse or edit it from the left menu.
07-03-16, 07:27 pm
AHH you meant the object database. Yeah, I restricted it, but I'll open it soon!
07-20-16, 06:50 pm
Please add more information to the objects like a suitable name and description
07-20-16, 06:59 pm
07-20-16, 07:02 pm
Also, descriptions. Otherwise the object shouldn't be marked as known.
07-20-16, 07:22 pm
Descriptions are very important!
07-20-16, 07:39 pm
See, I've updated some of your changes. This is how it should look like
07-29-16, 11:13 am
The name changing feature is quite cool, I know, but you shouldn't change it that often, because people may not recognize you
08-01-16, 07:30 pm
Make sure you name the threads exactly as they were on the otherboard. It
08-01-16, 07:30 pm
is Skyland Shore Galaxy not Skyland Shores
08-08-16, 03:29 pm
Oh, hai .___.
08-09-16, 12:05 am
...hai? Again? .________.
Cosmic Eternity
08-13-16, 05:20 pm
08-14-16, 08:18 pm
We were thinking about kicking you out for a long time actually. You didn't seem very mature. And you defending Luigi442moron's board was the final nail in the coffin.
Cosmic Eternity
08-18-16, 10:48 am
^ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
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maybe here

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