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04-28-16, 03:36 pm
Three more questions: 1. Do you have a way of finding how many params an object has? 2. What object is stuff like Mario, the Star Bits you fire and the 2P luma in SMG2? 3. What unused sound or particle data do you know about (other than stuff on TCRF)?
07-02-16, 02:47 pm
How do you edit an object? Clicking them does nothing..
07-03-16, 07:23 pm
oh nevermind, seems I'm banned from editing the object database..?
07-03-16, 07:37 pm
ah, okay
07-19-16, 05:52 pm
Also, it looks like I'm able to post threads in Announcements. You may want to fix that.
07-20-16, 09:31 am
Oh hey, is it possible to import the Poison River from SMS with the texture animation for the water and all? If not, I guess im just supposed to use BMD2bdl 0.2
07-20-16, 06:41 pm
How do i get kcl and pa files from a col file? it seems this is what you did for secret mario galaxy, looking at SecretMareBottlePlanet
07-20-16, 06:52 pm
Do you know where i can download these collision tools?
07-20-16, 06:55 pm
Ah, by suitable name, do you mean like change things like "Kuribo" to "Goomba"?
07-20-16, 07:00 pm
Alright, I'll be changing a few then
07-20-16, 07:22 pm
Hm. It's kind of hard to add descriptions for things such as Peach, or a Goomba. But I'll add them, if I need to.
07-20-16, 07:28 pm
Im having a small problem. When i try to make the collision, it only recognizes one texture. I need the river part to have dark matter collision but the normal land to collision
07-20-16, 07:41 pm
Ah, thank you I'll update a few more in a bit, I need to do some other stuff
07-28-16, 09:31 pm
Also, be sure to not add any Question Coins in the level. As I have replaced them with Red Coins.
07-29-16, 06:52 pm
If it's a little difficult, you could always add a few of those Lifeup Mushrooms... or a power up of some sort, Cloud Flower, Bee Shroom?
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Careful with that axe, Eugene!

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