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Swinging Platform (Small) (SwingLift5M) on 09-29-16, 06:54 pm (diff)
Swinging Platform (Small) (SwingLift5M) on 09-29-16, 06:12 pm (diff)
Waterfall Splashing Area (WaterFallArea) on 09-29-16, 02:03 pm (diff)
Water Current Area (WaterFlowArea) on 09-29-16, 02:00 pm (diff)
Water Current Area (WaterFlowArea) on 09-29-16, 02:00 pm (diff)
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12-13-16, 04:21 am
Also sorry for reregistering
12-18-16, 08:44 pm
^ he never learns -.-
12-18-16, 08:50 pm
Also, seems that urls are truncated at dots for some whatever reason...
12-18-16, 08:50 pm
01-11-17, 08:30 pm
Thanks, just found out your board on Kuribo64.
01-16-17, 07:19 pm
uh? it just got fixed
02-02-17, 07:50 pm
also, my post layout isn't working even if i changed class names
02-12-17, 01:07 am
I am missing posts when looking back through my own posts. They werent deleted, they are just not there. Do you know what would have caused this?
02-20-17, 08:20 am
Ok, thanks
04-17-17, 07:17 am
What is the proper format for adding lists to the objdb? How it is done seems to vary.
04-18-17, 02:17 pm
Okay. I'll use that and fix all the ones that don't use it.
05-03-17, 01:13 pm
05-06-17, 03:34 pm
Trying to fix it. I noticed that and seems some odd inherited value
05-06-17, 03:35 pm
Now it randomly became different. ugh
05-06-17, 03:40 pm
^ that happened because your layout seems to mess with it. I solved on my part
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Careful with that axe, Eugene!

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[22:47:32] Tahcryon: Sad to hear that you won’t be shitting out SMG levels, Aurum
[22:47:42] Aurum: shitting out smg levels
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