Table of Contents
  1. Disclaimer
  2. Board rules
  3. I'm banned, what now?
  4. Abbreviated deletion reasons
  5. Colored Usernames

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Board Rules
  • Always use common sense.
  • This site's official language is English.
  • If you don't speak English, you should provide the original version with the English translation.
  • No more than one account per user is allowed!
  • Any duplicate account will be banned as well as the main account.
  • Some forums have a rules thread stickied to the top. Please read and understand them before posting.
  • No spamming, trolling, flaming, racism, offense, etc.
  • Don't reply to spam, lamer, etc. attacks
  • They are seeking for attention, so don't give them what they want.
  • Do not cause drama!
  • Do not submit ROMs, backup images or other illegal material to the website.
  • This is a biggie!
  • Do not post or link to porn or other inappropriate materials.
  • Anything that violates this rule will be removed and may result in a ban.
  • Please use imgs tags for large images.
  • Big images awfully stretch the page.
  • Do not use images in BMP format.
  • BMP is a wasteful format. Save bandwidth!

I'm banned, what now?
First off, do not create a new account to complain about your ban, as that will result in a permanent ban from the board. In your profile, your title mentions why you were banned and the expiration date if the ban is temporary. If you feel that the ban was unfair or if you wish to know exactly why you were banned, PM an admin and calmly ask about it. Aside from that, the only thing you can do is wait for the ban to expire and make sure you know why it happened.

If the ban is permanent, you can always try waiting some time and then request to be unbanned. You can prove that you have learnt your lesson, then we'll gladly unban you.

Abbreviated deletion reasons
Sometimes it can happen that your post is deleted and we always provide reasons where necessary. Below is a table of all common abbreviated deletion reasons:
Abbreviation Meaning
LPQ Low-post quality
URP Unrelated/redundant post
PC++ Post-count++

Colored Usernames
Below is a table that shows the meaning of a user's name. The color is determined by the user's gender and power level.
Global moderators and higher levels have the permission to use custom username colors.

Male Female N/A
Banned Banned Banned
New user New user New user
Normal user Normal user Normal user
Local moderator Local moderator Local moderator
Global moderator Global moderator Global moderator
Administrator Administrator Administrator
Owner Owner Owner