Super Mario Galaxy

Name Download Description
Whitehole v1.4.3 Click A level editor for Super Mario Galaxy with a graphical interface.
Anarchy In The Galaxy Click Another level editor for Super Mario Galaxy. This one does not have visual feedback, though.
World Map Editor Click Can be used to edit world maps in SMG2. It's based on Anarchy.
Dossun2 v0.6.4 Click A collection of BCSV editing tools for SMG2. It reuses code from Whitehole.
RARC Tools Click Contains the basic tools for RARC editing.
J3DView Click Can be used to view BMD and BDL files, BCK and BTK animations and much more. Can be used for texture replacement as well.
MSBConv Click Converts MSBT files to a readable XML file and vice-versa.
AST Converter Click Converts audio stream files.
CANM Editor Click Can open and modify intro camera files.
BCK Editor Click Converts a BCK animation file to TXT and vice-versa.
pyJPC Click Extracts all the data from a particle image archive.
AW Extractor Click Extracts all sounds from AW sound banks.
Collison Exporter Click Exports KCL and COL collision files to an OBJ file.

Super Mario 3D Land

Name Download Description
The Fourth Dimension v0.9.2 Click A level editor for Super Mario 3D Land.
Every File Explorer Click A tool for browsing, editing, replacing and extracting files.