We have moved; new board! Posted by Aurum
04-03-18, 07:13 pm
First of all, this is not some kind of bad delayed April joke...
So, some people have heard it already: Just like the Discord server, there is a new board as well. There were a few changes to make the movement easier, including the trashing of some threads and the restriction from editing the wiki and object databases.
To cut things short, though, here is a quick summary of the key reasons for the change:
- Board name: Same reason as for the server: The name is misleading, because it's not about Neo Mario Galaxy... anymore. This is about SMG modding in general, not just a specific hacking project.
- The board software: Although I liked Blargboard at first, I have always had trouble configuring some things or maintaining the forums. Some things are also slightly buggy, like themes and post layouts. Plus, E-Mail verification when registering is a nice thing in my opinion. The new board utilizes MyBB, which is also very user friendly.
- Atmosphere: This is more of a personal reason, really. I still feel like the past conflicts that have occured here are still haunting over the boards. And in all honesty, I need a fresh restart from that...

Anyway, this place will stay for a while before being completely archived. However, posting and creation of new accounts have been deactivated. The new board can be found here:
Thank you for staying.
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Discord server change Posted by Aurum
03-09-18, 02:09 pm
Hello everyone. We have got some unfortunate news for you. As you may have noticed, the discord server is not available anymore and is currently private.

First of all, the logo and name for the server has been changed, because "Neo Mario Galaxy" was kinda misleading; this server is about modding the Super Mario Galaxy games, not the Neo Mario Galaxy project itself. Most people joined out of curiousity and were expecting news about NMG. Some information was posted in #announcements, but that's a mistake on my side. Sorry about that. Secondly, some people were either using alternate accounts or not contributing to the scene at all. This server was pretty much bloated with these users. That's why the number of users has decreased so much.

Originally, I wanted to close the entire server, though... In the past time, we have noticed a lot of shitposting in the channels.
Helping other users is important in a modding community. However, please help only if you know your shit; there has been a huge spread of misinformation. This results in an endless cycle and we really don't want that... Also, other users don't depend on you. If you insist that other users are forced to help you, please leave this place. The old channels have been archived to make sure the shithole is closed for now.

Above is why any invite links have been taken down and why most users are gone... If you are still interested in visiting the server again, contact me via PM.

I'll give this one last try and see how the "new" server goes... And, please, read the fucking rules...
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New sidebar and other fixes Posted by Aurum
10-02-17, 01:18 pm
- Added: The sidebar, because there have been problems with the old dropdown selection box.
- Added: Post-quality page that provides information about your deleted posts.
- Added: The FAQ / rules page lists some of the commonly used abbreviations for post deletion reasons.
- Fixed: Some themes are not compatible with the object databases.
- Fixed: Favicon not appearing.
- And something else that I forgot about already...
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Important Update Posted by Aurum
08-02-17, 11:28 am
After a few days of tweaking and fixing various things on this board, I'm finally finished. Here's a complete changelog. Please read and understand it!
- Update: The rules have been updated. Please read through them again.
- New: Some forums got their own unique rules. Please read and understand these as well!
- New: Thanks to SY24 for designing three new "Neo Galaxy" layouts.
- New: Also, SY24 is now a Global Moderator.
- Update: The old thread icons have been replaced with new Mario icons.
- Update: Various forum descriptions were revised.
- New: Links to the Discord channel and the NMG article have been added to the menu bar.
- Fixed: Wiki editing doesn't work.
- Fixed: Layouts for FAQ and Downloads sites.
- Fixed: Notifications icons not appearing in a red color when receiving new messages.
- Fixed: Post toolbar buttons are somewhat defunct.

Additional changes that have been made to the object database:
- removed an object that doesn't exist: SwitchingMoveBlock
- added missing objects ConfirmObj, RailObj and WhirlPoolAccelerator
- removed "faked" ingame data
- removed the category "Cutscenes"
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2017! Happy New Year! Posted by Aurum
01-01-17, 01:19 am
Happy new year everybody, 2017 just started! Let's hope it's going to be another fun year!
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