New sidebar and other fixes Posted by Aurum
10-02-17, 01:18 pm
- Added: The sidebar, because there have been problems with the old dropdown selection box.
- Added: Post-quality page that provides information about your deleted posts.
- Added: The FAQ / rules page lists some of the commonly used abbreviations for post deletion reasons.
- Fixed: Some themes are not compatible with the object databases.
- Fixed: Favicon not appearing.
- And something else that I forgot about already...
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Important Update Posted by Aurum
08-02-17, 11:28 am
After a few days of tweaking and fixing various things on this board, I'm finally finished. Here's a complete changelog. Please read and understand it!
- Update: The rules have been updated. Please read through them again.
- New: Some forums got their own unique rules. Please read and understand these as well!
- New: Thanks to SY24 for designing three new "Neo Galaxy" layouts.
- New: Also, SY24 is now a Global Moderator.
- Update: The old thread icons have been replaced with new Mario icons.
- Update: Various forum descriptions were revised.
- New: Links to the Discord channel and the NMG article have been added to the menu bar.
- Fixed: Wiki editing doesn't work.
- Fixed: Layouts for FAQ and Downloads sites.
- Fixed: Notifications icons not appearing in a red color when receiving new messages.
- Fixed: Post toolbar buttons are somewhat defunct.

Additional changes that have been made to the object database:
- removed an object that doesn't exist: SwitchingMoveBlock
- added missing objects ConfirmObj, RailObj and WhirlPoolAccelerator
- removed "faked" ingame data
- removed the category "Cutscenes"
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2017! Happy New Year! Posted by Aurum
01-01-17, 01:19 am
Happy new year everybody, 2017 just started! Let's hope it's going to be another fun year!
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NeoBoard themes & other fixes Posted by Aurum
08-22-16, 10:00 pm
You can now choose from two more themes which were created specifically for this board: NeoMario and NeoLuigi. Go to your profile and edit it, if you want to change the currently selected theme!

EDIT: I also fixed a small bug where the notifications button wouldn't turn red when you received a new message and I added a little announcements page which you can access by clicking on the "Announcements" headline on the forum list. I also plan to add a little downloads page for the SMG and 3DL hackers to make it easier to find certain tools and resources!

EDIT 2: The level data for SMG1 and SMG2 has been redumped, because some information was wrong, missing or incomplete. A small bug with the 3D Land object database has been fixed as well; You can now assign Arg8 and Arg9 values to objects.

EDIt 3: Two more themes have been added, which contain elements from SMG and 3DL.
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Permissions, wiki, object database, design & themes Posted by Aurum
08-05-16, 04:04 pm
- The site know focuses on Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy.
- The wiki has been finalized and can be edited by everyone.
- To prevent abuse, users can not change their username anymore.
- Font Awesome icons have been updated.
- A lot of themes to choose from were added. Go to your profile to see all of them.
- The toolbar has been enhanced. Two new features are adding links to wiki pages and objects on the object database.
- The object database can now list all objects from SMG1 and SMG2.
- Downloading the object database finally works.
- The Mobile view feature has been removed.
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